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31 Jan 2010

GTX260 Overclock with EVGA Precision Tool

This what EVGA Precision tool looks like...

Used the EVGA Precision tool to find highest memory overclock while doing artifact scanning each +1mhz via ATI tool. ati tool will show yellow dots.

Used Crysis benchamrk tool to find highest GPU core overclock while adding +10mhz each time. nvidia driver will just crash and restart you may need to restart your pc.

+Modded GTX260 Bios with NibiTor
+Compiled floppy image (see files image below)
+added it to nero boot cd using floppy emulation


Standard GTX 260
GPU - 576mhz

Shader 1242mhz
Memory 999Mhz
Memory Bandwidth 111Gbps
Performance Voltage 1.12v
3DMark P10,947
Stalker Call of Pripyat...

Overclocked GTX 260
GPU - 690mhz

Shader 1485mhz
Memory 1174Mhz
Memory Bandwidth 131Gbps
Performance Voltage 1.18v
3DMark P13,473
Stalker Call of Pripyat...

Heres my custom BIOS fan settings (had to limit GPU not to go higher than 75 degrees to keep heat off my CPU). Also my GPU settings shown in GPU-Z. NB To test highest memory clocks i use ATI Tool for artifact scanning 1 mhz at a time. To test the highest GPU core clock i use Crysis benchmark 1080p very high 16xQAA looped. Nvidia driver will just crash and restart if clocks are too high.

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I'll bookmark this one. thanks!